Customer Services

1.1 Standing Instruction Rs 250/- per instruction for LCY Accounts
    USD 5/- per instruction for LCY Accounts
1.2 Cheque certified “Good for Payment”

a. Credit Customer Rs 250/- per cheque. 

 b. Non – Credit Customer Rs 500/- per cheque

 1.3 Cancellation of cheque certified "Good for Payment" Rs. 250/- per instance.
 1.4. Issuance of withdrawal slip ( where withdrawal slip has to be issued due to failure of ATM operation, no charge should be levied)
 1.4.1 Issuance of withdrawal slip from same branch Rs. 30/-
 1.4.2 Issuance of withdrawal slip from another branch Rs. 50/-
1.5 MC Cheque Issuance  
1.5.1  For Customer (Account Holder) Rs. 250/- flat for Customer (Account holder)
  For Non-Customer Rs. 300/- flat for Non-Customer
1.5.2 NRB Cheque Issuance Free for Banks and Financial Institutions
Rs. 250/- for other institutions 
1.6 Issuance of Balance Certificate Rs 1,000/- flat.
(Free once a year for Credit accounts for audit purpose). Rs. 150/- for extra copy.
1.7 Stop Payment of Cheque  
1.7.1 Stop Payment of KBL Cheque  
  1. Rs 300/- per instruction/cheque
  2. For bulk instruction due to loss of cheque book Rs 1000/-
  3. For other KBL branch account Rs 500/- per instruction.
1.7.2 Stop Payment of MC / NRB Cheque Rs 500/- per instruction
1.8 Cheque returned unpaid
(due to insufficient balance only)
Rs 250/- per cheque. Both clearing cheque and over the counters return.
1.9 Account Maintenance Charge NIL
1.10 Treasury Handling Charge (applicable for FCY currency only) Upto 1.25%
1.11. Dormant Account Activation Fee NIL
1.12 Ledger Fees NIL
1.13 Cheque Book (Cheque books are kept for collection upto 3 months, if not collected by then, are to be destroyed.)
1.13.1 Cheque book issuance against lost cheque book. Rs 300/- per cheque book. (Max 25 leafs)
1.13.2 Charge for uncollected cheque book. Rs 200/- per cheque book.
1.14 Account Closure Account Closure within 6 months of account opening Rs 500/- 
1.14 Inter Bank Branch Transfer (ABBS) charge        See Clause no. 1.25 for details.
1.15 FCY Notes
1.15.1 FCY Notes deposit into account. As per NRB requirement.
1.15.2 Encashment of FCY cash As per NRB requirement - NIL
1.16 Special Clearing
1.16.1 Outward Rs 2,500/- per cheque.
1.16.2 Inward Rs 750/- per cheque.
1.17 Safe Deposit Lockers (SDL)
All customers are required to maintain a security deposit as per size of the Locker. The security deposit is refundable at the time of surrender of the SDL and the key by the customer. 
1.17.1 Charges for Lockers


Dimension in cm

Annual Fee

Security Deposit


12.5x17.5x49.2 (10,762.50 cm3) ; 12.7x15.24x50.8( 9832.2384 cm3) ; 
25.4x17.7x50.8 (22,838.664 cm3)




15.9x21x49.2 (16,427.88 cm3) (Medium) ; 12.5x35.2x49.2 (Medium)




12.5x35.2x49.2 (21,648.00 cm3) (Small)




15.9x42.3x49.2 (33,090.44 cm3) (Medium)




32.8x21x49.2 (33,888.96 cm3) (Medium)




27.8x35.2x49.2 (48,145.15 cm3) (Small);
53.5x17.7x50.8 (48105.06 cm3)




32.1x42.3x49.2 (66,805.23 cm3) (Medium)




38.5x52.9x49.2 (100,203.18 cm3) (Large); 
53.5x40.64x50.8 (110451.392 cm3)



Note: 50% discount on Annual Fee to the KBL staffs and his/her family members.
1.17.2 Breaking of Locker Rs 2,500/- plus actual cost.
1.17.3 Surrender of Lockers Free
1.18 Account Statement a. For Last One Year - Free
b. For more than one year - Rs. 25/- per page
(For more than One time) 
1.19 Duplicate Customer Dr. / Cr. Advice
1.19.1 Within three months of transaction. Free
1.19.2 After three months and upto one year. Rs 100/-
1.19.3 After one year and upto two years. Rs 200/-
1.19.4 After two years. Rs 500/-
1.20 Record Retrieval Charges  
1.20.1 Within three months of transaction. Free
1.20.2 After three months and upto one year. Rs 100/-
1.20.3 After one year and upto two years. Rs 200/-
1.20.4 After two years. Rs 500/-
1.21 Fixed Deposit Pre-Liquidation charge upto 5% deduction on the prevailing interest rate of the FD issued.
1.22 CCTV footage View Request Charge  Rs. 500/- per request, except for request received from government offices and agencies.
1.23.4 Fund transfer charge, Rs. 10/- each time when fund transfer is between the accounts of two different customers. No charge will be levied for fund transfer between the accounts of same customer.
1.23.5 Utility bill payment charge Rs. 10/- on each payment.
1.25 Inter Bank branch transfer (ABBS) charges
1.25.1 Individual Customers  
  Up to Rs. 200,000 per day Free
  Above Rs. 200,000 - Rs. 400,000 per day                                  Rs. 100 per transaction
  Above Rs. 400,000 per day 0.05% of transaction amount or Rs. 300, whichever is higher.
1.25.2 Entity  
  Up to Rs. 1 million per day Rs. 100 per transaction
  Above Rs. 1 million per day 0.05% of transaction amount or Rs. 300, whichever is higher.
Note: 1. ABBS charge (cash transaction and account transfer) will be taken from the beneficiary/ payee, transaction through cheque is not included. 
  2. No ABBS will be charged for ABBS transactions carried out between following branches :
a Branches inside Kathmandu valley Group 1
b Nepalgunj, Kohalpur, Bansgadhi, Surkhet, Mehelkuna, Babiyachaur branches Group 2
c Durgathali, Chabispathivera, Dilasaini and Dadeldhura  branches Group 3
d Pokhara, Birautam Damauli, Dulegauda, Rhising, Ghiring, Putalibazar, Waling, Harinash, Kushma, Baglung, Beni branches Group 4
e Birtamod, Biartanagar, Urlabari, Pathari, Itahari, RSML Ext. Counter Group 5
f Mahendranagar, Bhangaha, Okhaldhunga branches Group 6
g Nijgadh, Birgunj, Dryport and NMC Counter  Group 7
h Hetauda, Narayangadh, Sauraha and Kawasoti branches Group 8
i Parasi, Bhairahawa, Butwal, Sukrapath and Drivertole branches Group 9
j Tulsipur, Narayanpur, Salyan, Kapurkot, Musikot Branches Group 10
k Dhangadi, Attariya, Campus Chowk, Kanchanpur, Jhalari, Chandani Dodhara, Belauri Branches Group 11
l Ridi, Kaligandaki and Palpa Branches Group 12
m Namche, Chumnubri, Belaka, Aaamchodingbo, Siddhalekh and Kanakasundari branches Group 13
   **Addition of new branches will be incorporate according to respective cluster.
1.26 ASBA Application charges Free