Kumari Foneloan


Kumari Foneloan is a new digital product from Kumari Bank Ltd where customers maintaining their Salary Accounts with us can avail short term loan at their fingertips. Customers eligible for the foneloan can directly register and apply for the loan from Kumari Smart app itself.

Features of Kumari Foneloan

Interest Rate 12% per annum
Foneloan Charge Flat NPR 200.00 per request
Late Payment Fee NPR 300 per month irrespective of the Loan Amount
Credit Limit Generation As per Decision Analytics Tool
Maximum Limit NPR 1 Lakh
Collateral Required No
Loan Period 30 days
Multiple Application Allowed after settlement of previous Loan Amount
Application Tool Kumari Smart Mobile Banking App
Loan Disbursement Immediately after successful request from Kumari Smart

How to apply for Kumari Foneloan ?

1. Login to Kumari Smart mobile banking app

2. Click on "Register for Short-term loan"(option visible to eligible customers only) and enter your email address. You will receive an email from foneloan@kumaribank.com and then click on link provided in the email        to complete your registration process.

3. Select "Apply for Kumari Foneloan"

4. Applicable Loan Amount will be generated as per  Decision Analytics System

5. Select Loan Payment Date ( not exceeding 30 days from the day of loan disbursement )

6. Electronic Loan deeds will be generated and customer needs to accept the Terms & Conditions. 

7. Enter the 4 digit CVV code received through SMS and click "Confirm".

8. Foneloan Amount will be credited instantly.

For any enquiry regarding Kumari Foneloan, contact us at marketing@kumaribank.com or 01-4443075.