Export Collection

    KBL sends documents for collection on behalf of the Beneficiary/Our client or discount Bills under Clean Collection and finances customers. It can well meet customers’ short period finance needs.

    Eligible Applicants

    • Customers lack liquidity who want to develop business relying on fast capital turnover.
    • Customers who come across temporary difficulties in capital turnover before proceeds collected under clean collection.
    • Customers get a new investment opportunity by financing under clean collection, and the anticipated yield is higher than discount rate.

    Application Requirements

    Basic qualifications

    The business license of enterprises legally approved, registered and annually checked and other valid certifications sufficient to prove the legitimacy and scope of its operation.

    • Customers have demand draft for payment issued by other bank;
    • Occupation of paying bank's credit line.

    Application Procedures

    • Customers submits KBL the bills and applications for relevant business;
    • KBL shall check the documents, then process payment to customer and retain rights of recourse or 
    • KBL claims for payment by sending out the bills to the overseas paying bank;
    • The overseas bank makes payment to KBL when due, with which KBL repays the discount loan or credit exports/client account.