Examination of Documents

    The Examination of Documents means the combined service provided by KBL, including examination of documents and sending of the document for payment to the issuing bank.

    Product Functions

    The product is for the needs of exporters for settlement and collection of payments under L/Cs.

    Product Features

    • The product is for the needs of exporters for settlement and collection of payments under L/Cs;
    • Low risks. The issuing bank's bank credit substitutes the commercial credit of importers and provides a conditional payment undertaking for exporters;
    • High initiative. So long as the document quality is ensured, the unconditional payment undertaking will be granted by the issuing bank, while the document quality is under the full control of exporters;

    Eligible Applicants

    • Exporters who are not familiar or confident with the credit standing of importers, thus requiring additional commitment from the bank of importers;
    • Exporters need to apply for packing loan from a local bank to finance the goods to be exported.
    • The applicant shall have the qualification to engage in import and export trade.

    Application Procedures

    • The exporter (beneficiary) presents export documents to KBL after the preparation and shipment of the goods under the L/C terms;
    • After examining the documents, KBL mails the documents to the foreign issuing bank or the nominated bank to claim reimbursement;
    • The foreign issuing bank presents the received documents to the applicant under the L/C;
    • The foreign issuing bank makes due payment to KBL which will be further creditedto the exporter.

    Our Advantages

    • High quality of document examination and experienced in handling complicated articles, most professional among the peers.
    • Highly skilled negotiation skills and effective response to and disposal of disputes such as unjustified payment rejection; skillful application of international practices to protect your interests to the maximum extent.
    • Fast collection of payment. With a global network of correspondent banks, advanced technical means and rigorous system on expediting collection and appraisal, we guarantee timely collection of your export payments.