Kumari Salary Saving Account

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    Kumari Salary Saving Account (KSSA) or Parishramik Bachat Khata

    Account Opening:

    Minimum balance: ZERO


    • Accounts can be opened with ZERO account balance and also avail checkbooks at the same.
    • Cheque book - Free from country wide issuance
    • Debit Card- As per STC from 1st year onwards
    • Internet Banking & Mobile Banking service - As per STC from 1st year onwards
    • Locker Fee- 50% discount in Locker margin and 25% discount in Locker annual charge (Customers are subject to receive locker facility as per availability of locker space in relevant branch)
    • Balance Certificate- Free for One Time (within a fiscal Year). As per STC from second time onwards
    • Other Facilities- Fone Loan upto 2 lakhs within collateral*

    *Conditional applied

    What services do we offer for this account type?

    Mobile Banking

    Internet Banking

    Debit/Credit Card

    Locker Service