Kumari Remit Premium Saving Account

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    Eligibility Criteria: 

    • Any Nepalese individual who is residing in foreign country or who is receiving funds through remittance income.  
    • Family Members(as defined by NRB) who are receiving amount in the form of remittance are eligible.


    • Minimum Balance: NPR 5,000/-
    • Debit Card: Free for 1st year and charges as per STC from 2nd year onwards.
    • Free cash withdrawl from any ATM in Nepal.
    • Locker facility:
      • Security Margin: As per STC
      • Annual Fee: As  per STC
    • Internet Banking & Mobile Banking : Free for 1st year. Charges as per STC from 2nd year onwards. 
    • Demat and Meroshare: 1st year free
    • Insurance Coverage:
      • Accidental Insurance/Permanent Total Disability cover rate: NPR 7 Lakhs 
    • Remit Interest Rate in Fixed deposit: The account holder & beneficiary who are receiving the amount in the form of a remittance are eligible to get Remit Rate.
    • Remit CRN: Permitted to get Remit CRN with documentary evidence of work permit, valid pp/visa and any other required documents as per bank/regulatory bodies.

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    What services do we offer for this account type?

    mobile banking
    Mobile Banking
    internet banking
    Internet Banking
    debit card
    Debit/Credit Card
    locker service
    Locker Service