Kumari Remit” system is secured by an electronic digital certificate through our main web-domain After installation of electronic digital certificate, users can realize prompt, hassle free execution of the remittance-operation. The funds transferred through this system takes place on a real-time basis, wherein the system will automatically generate KRCN (“Kumari-Remit Control Number”). The KRCN is a unique number generated by the system for each transaction, which becomes the main basis for payment at the receivers’ end. The KRCN consists of Alphanumeric characters, which start with the alphabet “K” .

    The major Security components of KUMARI REMIT ONLINE SYSTEM is as follows:

    Components Description
    SSL 128 bits of Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts all the communication data between User-PC and Server.
    Digital Certificate A Digital Certificate is an electronic “password” that allows for secure data exchange over the Internet using the public key infrastructure (PKI). Digital Certificate (DC) is installed in every PC which enables an ultra-secure electronic commerce and Internet-based communication.
    User ID and Password Every user will have unique User ID and password, who can access from the PC where Digital Certificate has been installed.
    Data Protection Password and PIN are saved in an encrypted form in Database.
    Session Expiry Automatic Session expiry for users if the user in idle for specified time period and forced periodic password changes
    Transaction Password Approver needs to enter additional password for Transaction Approval.
    Admin Approval Suspicious transaction requires admin approval.