Account Opening

    Minimum Balance of NPR 500

    Key Benefits

    • Debit Card: As per the STC. 
    •  Internet Banking & Mobile Banking: As per the STC.
    • Locker Facility:
      • Security Deposit Margin- As per STC                                                                                                                           
      • Annual fee- As per STC
    • Demat & Mero Share: Free for 1st year and as per STC from 2nd year onward.
    • If cheque book is required, a minimum balance of NPR 1,000 should be maintained.

    Eligibility criteria for this account type.

    Individuals of all age groups

    Am I eligible to open a deposit account with KBL? (Who are eligible to open an account with KBL?

    • Nepali Residents
    • Indian Residents holding valid Registration at the Indian Embassy in Nepal.
    • Foreign Nationals holding a valid visa, other than a tourist visa.

    What are the mandatory documents I need to submit to open a this account?

    • Copy of Citizenship or Passport or Registration certificate, in case of Indian Nationals.
    • Two recent Passport size photographs

    What services do we offer for this account type?

    mobile banking
    Mobile Banking
    internet banking
    Internet Banking
    debit card
    Debit/Credit Card
    locker service
    Locker Service