Kumari Sky Club Card is a Visa Co-Branded Debit Card which is the very first of its kind in the Nepalese market wherein the Bank is issuing Visa Co-Branded Card in collaboration with an Airlines company. Customers using this card will be able to collect loyalty points on every transaction (except ATM/POS cash withdrawal) and redeem the accumulated points to obtain free flights to various destinations of their choice depending upon the accumulated points.

    Features and Details of Kumari Sky Club Card:

    Kumari Sky Club Card (Debit) Features and Details 

    All customers of the Bank and Sky Club members of Yeti Airlines

    Card Validity 5 Years
    • For all new customers irrespective of account type: NPR 2,000 one-time charge with validity of 5 years or NPR 500 per year for 5 years.
    • For Existing VISA Debit Card Holders: NPR 500 as card replacement charge.
    Card Usages

    Valid in Nepal, India and Bhutan for ATM, Purchases and online payments (e-commerce), etc. 

    Loyalty Points
    • For every NPR 100 spent on Purchase and online payments (except ATM/POS cash withdrawal), cardholder will receive 1 reward point.
    • Points accumulated by flying with Yeti Airlines can also be clubbed with points accumulated through Kumari Sky Club Card.
    Redemption Cardholder can accumulate points for a maximum of 2 years, within which period they need to redeem for free flights from Yeti Airlines.
    If redemption is not made within 2 years, all accumulated points will be nullified and/or void. Customers cannot redeem after 2 years.
    • There are minimum points requirement for flights to different sectors. 
    • Cardholder will have to redeem in full, partial redemption is not allowed.

    For example:

    • If a customer has earned 2,000 points from the usages of Kumari Sky Club Card, customer can redeem these points to fly Yeti Airlines. The minimum redemption point to fly to Pokhara is 1,600 points, customer can use his/her points to receive free ticket and will be left over with 400 points. He/she can use the remaining points, provided that the same is redeemed within 2 years. 
    • If a customer has earned 500 points, he/she cannot redeem the point as the minimum redemption point is 960 in order to fly to Simara. The customer has to earn points in full in order to redeem the points for particular sector.