Kumari Micro SME Loan

    Kumari Micro SME Loan

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are considered the backbone of a country's economy and are ladder to the development contributing significantly to a nation's economy - manufacturing, employment generation, exports, and GDP growth. Kumari MSME (Small & Micro Enterprises loan) provides financial assistance for the establishment of new enterprises and meet the financial requirements of established enterprise for their growth.


    Purpose: To finance working capital, administrative and expenditure requirement including trade (LC and Guarantee) micro and small business enterprises.

    Loan Size – from NPR. 0.5 million to 10 million Per borrowing unit

    Interest Rate and Fees

    Interest Rate

    Nature of Loan

    Interest Rate

    Term Loan

    Fixed rate of 11.11% p.a. for first year from the date of disbursement

    The effective rate shall be RABR + 2% onwards after elapse of 1 year.

    Revolving loan

    The effective rate shall be RABR + 2% and remain unchanged till the settlement of the facility.

    Fees:  Actual cost for CIC and STR

    Loan Administrative Fees - 0.75% of the total limit on New loan and 0.15% on Renewal

    Repayment Mode

    on EMI/EQI Basis for Term Loan & Quarterly for Working Capital loans

    Turnaround Time

    Within 5 working days after submission of all required documents

    Real Estate Collateral

    Registered mortgage charge over Land and Building covering at least 100% of credit limit by Fair Market value