Helicopter hiring for cash transit to Chumnumbri

    Kumari Bank hired helicopter for the Cash-Transit to Chumnumbri branch. The said region is located at a remote region in Gorkha District and has no access of road transportation. Locals have to endure a 2 days long commute on foot to reach the Bank’s Chumnumbri branch to avail any form of banking services. For the distribution of social- security allowances to single-women and senior citizen of the region, bank has hired the helicopter.

    With the Bank rendering financial services at people’s door step, at a region with no access of the road transportation, it firmly believes that this door-to-door banking facility shall work to bridge the financial access gap among rural denizens who otherwise would not be able to avail Banking services with ease.  In other words, this is one of the many endeavors Bank has undertaken to encourage financial inclusion.