Kumari Jeevan Beema Muddati Khata

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    Kumari Jeevan Beema Muddati Khata(KJBMK) is a unique investment product that offers benefits of both Fixed Deposit and life insurance. Term Insurance is the simplest form of life insurance. KJBMK provides financial protection to your family without having them bear any additional cost.

    This unique Term Deposit is especially designed to meet each life-stage needs of customers including home or car purchase, retirement plan, child education along with covering for risk through term life insurance.

    Kumari Bank shall provide insurance coverage on the following fixed deposit schemes

    Product Type

    Times Return at FD Maturity

    FD Duration

    Insurance Coverage Duration ( Term Life)

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 2X Muddati Khata

    2 times

    6 Years 2 Months 20 Days

    7 years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 3X Muddati Khata

    3 times

    9 Years 10 Months 10 Days

    10 years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 4X Muddati Khata

    4 times

    12 Years 5 Months 9 Days

    13 years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 5X Muddati Khata

    5 times

    14 Years 5 Months 10 Days


    Kumari Jeevan Beema 6X Muddati Khata

    6 times

    16 Years 1 Month

    17 Years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 7X Muddati Khata

    7 times

    17 Years 8 Months

    18 Years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 8X Muddati Khata

    8 times

    18 Years 8 Months

    19 Years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 9X Muddati Khata

    9 times

    19 Years 8 Months 18 Days

    20 Years

    Kumari Jeevan Beema 10X Muddati Khata

    10 times

    20 Years 8 Months

    21 years


    1. Eligibility for Fixed Deposit:
    • Any individual that are eligible to maintain Fixed Deposit account in Nepalese Banks under the norms of the Central Bank are eligible.
    • Term life insurance facility will only be provided to individuals falling between 18 to 50 years of age.
    1. Insurance Coverage.
    • This policy shall cover cases of death including normal death and accidental death except the case of exclusion.
    1. Type of Insurance Provide: Term Life Insurance
    2. Minimum Balance:  NPR 50,000/-
    3. Policy Amount: Equals to initial fixed deposit amount.
    4. Policy Continuation: Till the maturity of Fixed Deposit.
    5. Pre-liquidation: As per STC
    6. Loan against Fixed Deposit: As per Bank policy
    7. Documents Required:-
      1. Citizenship Copy
      2. Passport size photo- 3
      3. Insurance Declaration form
      4. Insurance related KYC form.



    What services do we offer for this account type?

    Mobile Banking

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    Debit/Credit Card

    Locker Service