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Kumari Flexi-Fix Scheme


  • Kumari Flexi- Fix Scheme

Key Benefits:

  • Facility of saving account and interest rate of Fixed Deposit account

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rate of Interest and Minimum balance in Saving account: At par with respective Savings Account.
  • Rate of Interest in Fixed Deposit account will be published by the bank on floating basis. 
  • A sum of stipulated amount needs to be available at all times in saving account as well as Fixed Deposit account.
  • If the available balance falls short of required amount in saving account, fund will sweep from Fixed Deposit account but only in excess of the stipulated fixed amount in the fixed deposit.
  • Similarly, any excess fund from saving account above the available balance will sweep to fixed deposit at a higher rate.
  • The amount in saving account can be withdrawn through cheque or ATM however, if the amount goes below the stipulated balance in saving account then ATM service may not be available.
  • Upon FD maturity, the balance will get transferred in saving account which can be renewed upon request from the customer.
  • The scheme is time bounded and can be renewed upon customer’s request.
  • The interest capitalized in FD to be credited in saving account.
  • Account closing charge in saving account to be at par with Standard Tariff and Charges as published by the bank and Fixed Deposit (Flexi-Fix Scheme) closing charge to be as per bank’s rules.
  • Rate of Interest is market driven and hence subject to change.