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Kumari Mobile Banking  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Kumari Mobile Banking? What services are available?
Kumari Mobile Banking uses your mobile phone to conduct certain banking functions by sending SMS. It allows you to do the banking transaction, directly from your mobile phone 24x7. You can perform following service via Kumari Mobile Banking:

  •     Transfer funds.
  •     Pay bills at restaurants, shops and stores.
  •     Pay utility bills.
  •     Purchases recharge card.
  •     Other payment services.

What is difference between Kumari Mobile Cash and Kumari Mobile Banking?
Kumari Mobile cash is way for customer to perform banking transaction mobile to mobile. Kumari Mobile cash is wallet based concept. Kumari Mobile banking is a way for the customer to perform banking transaction via mobile device having direct link to the Account.

3. Who is eligible for this service?
If you are a Kumari Bank Limited customer with at least one account, you are eligible for this service. Both Saving and current account can be used for the service.

4. How will SMS Banking benefit me?
Kumari Mobile Banking allows you to keep track of your banking; perform transactions from anywhere and at anytime at the touch of your fingers, it saves your time and other cost.

5. How do I enroll for this service?
After being Kumari Bank Limited account holder, you can fill up Kumari mobile banking form in same branch of Kumari Bank Limited.

6. How is it safe?
Kumari Mobile Banking is completely safe. Our application protects transactions with multi-layer security protocol involving authentication, data masking and encryption. All of the transactions require PIN verification, and the PIN is confidential and is known only to the customers

7. Can I transfer fund from my account to another customer's account?
Yes, you can directly send money to another customer's account.

8. Do I need to predefine bank account?
No need to predefine. You can send fund to any account of Kumari Bank Limited.

9. How do I know when the transfer has been performed?
If any transaction has been performed, receiver and sender both will receive SMS notification for conformation.

10. What happens if I lose my mobile phone or Stolen? Can someone take money out of my account via Kumari mobile banking if mobile lost/stolen?
Please immediately contact to Kumari Mobile Banking Department for assistance or Please call us immediately at our toll free number 1-66001-77788.
If the person who found your mobile doesn’t know your PIN they won’t be able to take out your money. But if they know your PIN they can misuse it.

11. Which mobile network carrier does it work with?
It works with NTC and Ncell GSM network only.

12. What happens if I do not get a response SMS after initiating a transaction?
If you don't receive any response from Kumari mobile banking service within 30 seconds please contact to Kumari Mobile Banking Department for conformation. You can directly contact to our toll free no. 1660-01-77788.

13. What happen if the telecom provider’s network is down?
As this service relies on a SMS message, if the telecom provider network is down, the service will not function.

14. Can I conduct transaction through this service if I am outside of the country?
No, this service is limited within network coverage area of Nepal.

15. Do I have to maintain Balance in my account?
Yes, to perform any transaction, you need to have sufficient balance.

16. How many times can I change my PIN? Should I change the PIN? If I forget Pin, What do I do?
No limitation to change pin. System generated pin is difficult to remember and it is better and safety for you, if you changed pin. Please visit nearest branches and fill up the pin re-generate form to receive new pin.

17. What is the length of PIN? Does the PIN have to be alphabetic or numeric? Does the PIN auto expire?
Pin length will be 4 numerical only. Alphabetic pin will not be supported by system. PIN will not be auto expire.

18. What happen if I change my mobile number?
Contact to branch of Kumari Bank Limited where you have enrolled.

19. Do I need to pay any charges for this service?
No you don’t have to pay any extra charges to perform transaction, but annual fee will be charged as per packages.

20. Do I need to pay SMS cost for transaction?
Yes, regular SMS cost will be deducted from talk time balance.

21. What if I send the money to a wrong recipient?
We advise that you pay utmost care when typing in the recipient’s mobile phone number. In an unlikely event that you send money to an unintended recipient, please call us immediately at our toll free number 1-66001-77788. However the transaction cannot be reversed once the funds have already been withdrawn.

22. Is Kumari mobile application available?
Yes, Kumari Mobile Application is available to  Android supported mobile, iPhone, Java supported mobile. You can download it from our website.

23. Shall I register if my number is not owned by me in NTC/Ncell office?
Yes, you can register. Bank can not verify the ownership of the number. Customer will be liable if any unauthorized transactions on their account. So use your own number for the service.

24. What is the maximum amount & transaction limitation?

  • Maximum amount limits per transaction is Rs. 20,000
  • Maximum amount limits per day is Rs. 100,000
  • Number of transaction limits per day is 10

25. What happens if recipient's mobile is switch off or out of network?
Transaction will be successful even recipient's mobile is switched off or is out of network but recipient will receive notification after network coverage or when mobile is switched on.

26. How do I unsubscribe the Kumari Mobile Banking Service?How do I re-subscribe?
Please visit KBL branch where you have registered for the service.